Jackie Paper

from by January Zero



After the traffic drifting up through the window
chases all the dreams away from your bed,
you slip into the traffic with a cup of coffee
to clear the cobwebs out of your head.
Between the mechanic and the laundromat,
and the tinier things on the list,
there’s always enough to keep you running,
and a couple of things you’ve missed.

Everybody tells you you’re the greatest at what you do,
and for all you know, they’re right.
Every day you think of all the people you forgot to call,
and then you run out of time every night,

but I wanted to ask you, do you still keep all of your kings in the back row?
And do you still stand out in the deserted streets for the first snow?
And I wanted to call you, though it’s much too late, and what I really wanted to know,
I can’t ask you. Can I sing it in a whisper though? Cause I need to.

We see you every once in awhile
at friendly occasions, and get togethers,
and every time we tell each other,
“You look well,” but what we mean is how
had I forgotten all about you?

There’s almost always enough to keep you busy,
busy enough not to mind,
but every once in awhile, 11:30, you pull on
your jacket and you step outside.

And try to remember what we always used to say when we saw each other,
and how could it matter so much when the words are so hard to recover,
and was there something between us underneath our tongues,
or just the sound of the wind in the trees that night,
could you think a little louder please? No, it’s alright.

The truth about the dragon after Jackie went away
is that he shifted back into a man,
and drifted downtown beneath the overpass,
collecting quarters in a rattling can.

Sweet friend of mine, good times never stay the same.

But when the night is too tired and quiet to hide
the flipbook shuffle of your animated dreams,
do you listen to the ticking of the kitchen clock,
or the silences stretched in between.

And now it’s 2 AM, and I am finally giving up on trying to reach you.
But when there isn’t a thing in the world that’s left to distract you,
do you ever think of all the possible people locked up inside you,?
‘Cause I do, ‘cause I do, ‘cause I do.


from The Long Radio Silence, released March 9, 2014



all rights reserved


January Zero Appomattox, Virginia

January Zero is an indie folk rock outfit based in Appomattox, VA.

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