It’s so cold tonight, and the night
has been going on since the world began.
So wear a thick jacket, don’t stay out long,

and don’t slow down,
cause you might never get going again.
Spin your arms around
to keep the chill from settling in,
and breaking down this time.

Don’t ask where you’re going,
and don’t look where you’ve been.
Best to keep on moving fast
enough to make metal out of your skin.

You always used to stay out late with your friends,
but now your friends have all slipped out of sight
into courteous cul-de-sacs and various ends,
going down without a hint of a fight.
Now your sister is sitting at the kitchen table,
been there for most of the night,
and she wants to know why you don’t
come home, and you hardly ever write.

Don’t try to find me behind my face,
I’m becoming the lines I make
Trailing myself all over town,
along the alleys and the ridges
I leave my hurtling trace.

Always meant to be there,
to catch you if you’d fall,
but now I’m left with this receiver,
and a phantom operator
who can’t complete the call.
And I’m always saying too much,
or I don’t say anything at all.

will wear you down and leave you on your
hands and knees,
doesn’t mean it won’t sometimes seem
an eternity,
it’s best to lose your self in the sounds
and scenery,
cause sooner or later, it catches up with you

Don’t go back and comb those roads
all hours of the night
There’s nobody up but the wind and ghosts,
and the way they drive
will rattle apart your bones.


from The Long Radio Silence, released March 9, 2014



all rights reserved


January Zero Appomattox, Virginia

January Zero is an indie folk rock outfit based in Appomattox, VA.

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